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Vinyl Fancy Engraved Surface Suspended Ceiling Tiles 595mm x 595mm x 7mm 

High Quality and Best Selling Tiles in UK Market - Special Engraved Pattern ( Design No. 863162 )

Suspended PVC Gypsum Vinyl Ceiling Tiles 595mm x 595mm x 7mm (Thick) Easy cleans and Wipe able - Waterproof. 

6 TILES PER BOX - For 2.16m2 Area to Cover 

Easy to Cut for Spotlight / Corner Levelling 

Heavy Duty Cardboard Edge Protector Used to Protect Box from Damages While in Transit. 

Size 595mm x 595mm x 7mm  (Fit into 600 x 600mm)

Vinyl Gypsum Ceiling Tiles are made of incombustible Gypsum board, PVC Facing as well ass Aluminium Foil Backing, it is ideal indoor decorative materials especially used in areas requiring clean, dust-free environment. The Aluminium Foiled backing has thermal insulation properties while the PVC facing provides you various choices with different designs. 

Vinyl Gypsum tiles are square-cut and can be easily installed with a Suspended Ceiling Grid System for Interior Ceiling. They are widely used in all commercial and Institutional buildings Such as Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, and Shops. 

Suitable for:

  Food preparation areas

  • Hygienic areas
  • Cafes / Takeaway
  • Kitchens
  • Areas being renovated
  • Warehousing
  • Shops
  • Domestic
  • Changing rooms
  • Cinema / Theatre
  • Bar / Pub / Saloon/ Barbers Shop



·         Edge Position: Tapped Square edge.

·         Colour: Pure Black

·         Accepted Grid: 24mm & 15mm.

·         Dimensions: 595 x 595mm, (to fit 600 x 600mm grid layout).

·         Material: Vinyl, Gypsum, Foil.

·         Recycled Content: Yes.

·         Sound attenuation: Dncw (dB) N/T.

·         Sound absorption: (alpha w) N/T

·         Light reflectance: (%) 93.21.

·         Humidity resistance 1 hour: (RH%) 100.

·         Thermal conductivity: (W/mK) N/T.

·         PACK OF 6 TILES

·         Cleaning: Yes, (with a wet or dry soft cloth).

We offer a large range of ceiling tiles and grids. Please let us know of your area measurement and the nature of the business we will let you know what product you require.  

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Vinyl Fancy Engrave Suspended Ceiling Tiles 595mm x 595mm x 7mm To Fit in 600 x 600 Grid System (2)

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