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Introducing our premium offering: 16 tiles per box, providing an extensive coverage of 11.52 square meters. These ceiling tiles stand out as exceptional sound absorbers, featuring a micro-textured smooth white finish that adds sophistication to various environments such as offices, educational institutions, and retail spaces.


  • Edge Detail: Square Edge
  • Size: Ceiling Tiles 1200 x 600mm (1195 x 595mm)
  • Pack Type: Sealed Box of 16 Tiles
  • Appearance: Smooth (Insulated)
  • Tile Material: Insulated (Fibreglass)
  • Manufacturer: Rockfon Ceiling Tiles, Rockfon Artic
  • Box Quantity: 16
  • Coverage per Box (M2): 11.52m2

This high-performance ceiling tile is crafted with a lightweight stone wool composition, ensuring both quality and value. It boasts a Class A1 fire reaction, excellent sound absorption, and a remarkable resistance to high humidity levels up to 100% RH.

Ideal for a variety of applications, these tiles are perfect for coffee shops, call centers, car showrooms, changing rooms, educational spaces, factories, gyms, offices, restaurants, retail stores, sports halls, and supermarkets. Elevate your space with these versatile and efficient ceiling tiles from Rockfon Artic.



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Suspended Rockfon 1195mm x 595m A24 Artic Square Ceiling Tiles For 1200mm x 600mm Grid

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