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Suspended Ceiling Grid System With 600mm x 600mm Wipeable Easyclean Ceiling Tiles 595mm x 595mm 

  • Price:

    • The listed price is for 1 Square Meter.
    • Total order cost will be calculated based on the number of square meters.
  • Minimum Order:

    • Minimum Purchase: 5 Square Meters (5m2).
    • Orders below this minimum will be cancelled and refunded.
  • Product Description:

    • Suspended White Vinyl Ceiling Tiles & Grid.
    • Tiles Size: 595mm x 595mm (fits 600mm x 600mm Grid).
    • Grid Color: White.
  • Grid Accessories Included:

    • CMC Cross Tee Section 600mm (Quantity: 2)
    • CMC Main Runner Tee Section 2400mm (Quantity: 1)
    • Wall Angle (Trim) 2400mm (Quantity: 1)
    • Ceiling Bracket (Beam Screw with Hole) (Quantity: 1)
    • Galvanised Wire Mini Roll 10 Meters (Quantity: 1)
  • Contact Information:

    • For Orders and Enquiries:
      • Call or WhatsApp: +44 7429 045544
    • Note:
      • Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp for any questions or assistance.


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Suspended Ceiling Tiles 595mm x 595mm & Suspension Grid Metal Frame System 600mm x 600mm

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