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Suspended Ceiling Grid Polished Chrome Perimeter Angle Trim Edge 2400mm x 20mm 

This is Components For Suspended Ceiling Grid System

This is the Strip Need to Install first before the System Grid Installation

Pack of 5 Polish Chrome ( Like Mirroring )  Total 12 Meter 

Dimensions: 2400mm x 20mm 

Please Note:
Purchase of 1-3 quantity of Perimeter Angle will cut into 1 Meter (3 Meter long will have 1-1 Meter 3 Pieces)
to make it easy for quick dispatch, couriers don't pick any package longer then 1.2meter, if purchase 5 Perimeter Angle or more we will send them in real size of 3Meter long, and will use courier which accept oversize package. 

  • Perimeter is an exposed ceiling grid system.
  • It is a 24mm system, which is the most widely used format in the world.
  • It is fast and easy to install and provides economy and design simplicity.
  • polished chrome perimeter angle trim resist twisting and give a professionally finished look with no exposed steel edges.
  • The system has a patented Quick-Release™ clip design, making it easy to remove without tools.
  • All of the X components have a knurled face, making screw attachment easier.
  • It is compatible with square edge and SLB edge ceiling tiles.
  • It is designed for fire rated ceilings- technical support is available from USG.
  • It is manufactured in hot dip galvanised T-section steel with pre-painted capping. The table width 15mm.
  • The system suits variable module sizes, most typically 600x600mm and 1200x600mm.


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Suspended Ceiling Grid Polished Chrome Mirror Perimeter Angle Trim Edge 2400mm x 20mm

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