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Introducing our comprehensive Suspended Ceiling Grid System in White, designed for a 600mm x 600mm layout, inclusive of White Vinyl Easyclean & Wipeable Ceiling Tiles. This package includes all necessary components:

  • 1200mm Cross Tee
  • 600mm Cross Tee
  • 2400mm Main Tee
  • 2400mm Trim (Wall Angle) + Bracket & Hanging Wire

It's a quality and economical solution suitable for new installations or replacing old ones. The package also specifies the number of tiles for different coverage areas:

  • 10 Square Meters (27 Tiles)
  • 20 Square Meters (55 Tiles)
  • 30 Square Meters (83 Tiles)

Each box contains 10 tiles, covering 3.6m2, and comes with easy-to-cut features for spotlight or corner leveling. The tiles are sized at 595mm x 595mm x 7mm, fitting seamlessly into a 600 x 600mm grid layout.

Our Vinyl Gypsum Ceiling Tiles boast incombustible Gypsum board, PVC Facing, and Aluminum Foil Backing, making them ideal for clean, dust-free environments. The foil backing provides thermal insulation, and the PVC facing offers a variety of design choices.

These square-cut tiles can be effortlessly installed with our Suspended Ceiling Grid System, catering to interior ceilings in commercial and institutional buildings such as offices, hospitals, schools, restaurants, and shops.

Quality Results:

  • Edge Position: Tapped Square edge
  • Colour: Bright White
  • Accepted Grid: 24mm & 15mm
  • Dimensions: 595 x 595mm (to fit 600 x 600mm grid layout)
  • Material: Vinyl, Gypsum, Foil
  • Recycled Content: Yes
  • Sound Attenuation: Dncw (dB) N/T
  • Sound Absorption: (alpha w) N/T
  • Light Reflectance: 93.21%
  • Humidity Resistance (1 hour): 100% RH
  • Thermal Conductivity: N/T

Each pack includes 10 tiles and is easily cleaned with a wet or dry soft cloth. For customized solutions based on your area measurement and business needs, reach out to us. For larger quantities, simply adjust the quantity as needed.

For any inquiries or assistance, contact us at 07429045544.

Suitable for:

  • Food preparation areas
  • Cinema & Theater
  • Hygienic areas, Surgeries
  • Bathrooms, Swimming Pool
  • Cafes, Restaurants
  • Kitchen, Takeaway
  • Areas being renovated
  • Warehousing
  • Shops, Retail Outlets
  • Domestic
  • Changing rooms


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Premium Suspended Ceiling Grid System designed for 600mm x 600mm layout with EasyClean Ceiling Tiles

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