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Polished Chrome or Mirroring 1200mm x 24mm Cross Tee Grid Component


  • This component is a crucial part of the grid system used in a full package or can be purchased separately for replacement in case of damage or cracking.


  • The Cross 1200mm grid component is versatile and used for both tile sizes: 595mm x 595mm and 1195mm x 595mm.

System Details:

  • The system operates on a 24mm format, widely used worldwide.
  • Fast and easy installation provides both economy and design simplicity.
  • Patented Quick-Release™ clip design allows easy removal without the need for tools.
  • All X components feature a knurled face, facilitating easy screw attachment.
  • Compatible with both square edge and SLB edge ceiling tiles.

Design and Safety Features:

  • Designed for fire-rated ceilings.
  • Technical support is available from USG.

This Cross Tee Grid component not only provides ease of installation and design flexibility but also ensures safety through compatibility with fire-rated ceilings and available technical support.


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Polished Chrome (Mirroring) Cross Tee Section 1200mm x 24mm Suspended Ceiling Grid Bar Spares

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